Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fetish/Gothic: 'Vinyl Mini Skirt First Class' (Art.Nr.: 32470) at XtraX

Is it just me, or did the already scorching-high temperature just climb even higher up?

Now, one could claim that this might fall under the category of Trying Too Much. But I counter that with Fetish - a style like Fetish is partially defined by pushing the envelope, going for the extreme and playing with erotic, if not pornographic, elements in clothes. Sometimes the results are more sad than hot, and sometimes, such as with this mini (and the whole outfit, actually)... definitely hot.

I'd say what really makes this outfit is the balance of elements. And the high stockings. The only thing I would not mind seeing gone is that veil.

Golly. (Lack&Leder/ Vinyl&Leather - Röcke&Kleider/ Skirts&Dresses - page 3)

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