Friday, July 09, 2010

Fail: 'SoulCatcher' Dress at Cruella

What we have here, gentlefolk, is a gothic cylinder.

Never mind the horrible fit when you can botch it from the start with completely ridiculous proportions and the use of such heavy fabrics that there is no way it could possibly work as strapless. The back side is pretty disastrous, as well - follow the link to see it.

Now, how would these elements be used differently for a more successful outcome? First off, remove the double lacing, or if it has to be there, use it only in the back. Then add some sleeves or at least straps to hold it up. Fit the top part more snugly and let it go looser from the hips. Use the satin throughout and move the lace part to create a layer underneath. Something like that.

Found here.


  1. well actually Hot Topic (I know they are despicable in some ways) have some dresses like these that they call "Tea Dresses" that look better than this.

  2. "Tea Dress"? Sounds odd. I have never taken much notice of Hot Topic's supply, but I guess I could check it out in the future, to witness the horror with my own eyes. For science.

  3. Lol. Yes, I know. They even have a section called "Dark Street," and that is where I found them. I really don't know why they call it a tea dress but ok.