Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fail: 'Black Cotton Top w/ Lace Sleeves - Fleur Cross' by StrangeWays at Kinky Angel

Bad taste does cruel things to innocent pieces of fabric, transforming them into clothes that are too horrid for words. Granted, this top can only be judged by its hanger appeal, but I remain convinced that not even the most experienced, professional model could salvage the poor construction and overall bad choices in design.

Lace does not play nicely with other fabrics, and they more often than not end up clashing violently unless the other fabric is of high enough quality.

The lacing does not help the fit (despite of what the description might claim) because the fabric is too thin and will only crumple very untidily. Concerning ribbons in general: the only place where excessive amounts of it is acceptable is in the back of a corset with proper boning. Anywhere else it is destined to look like a cat's favourite plaything.

(Found here.)


  1. wow. You really know how to be a critic. I am confused looking at it because it looks like a regular shirt if it weren't for the corset part of it. I think it would have been better to just make it a regular strapless (removable straps) corset and adding the lace in the front and back panels of the corset. Now that would have upgraded it and made it into a great buy

  2. The only thing that's good for is being that 'cat's favourite plaything' but I think my cat has better taste than that...