Sunday, July 25, 2010

EGL: Silk Brocade Harlequin Waistcoat by Kambriel

Classy, and a classic, this waistcoat is well-tailored and extremely versatile when it comes to which style to combine it to. The extremely easy, laid-back road to success and elegance lies exactly in the styling in the picture shown above, but with this, one could go many directions, and play quite freely with texture, details, and colour; hence the multiple labels. It is unfortunate, however, that it is made of silk.

Found here.


  1. Didn't we talk about silk some time ago? When we were buying you a tie. Wasn't there some sort of silk that was more acceptable? Or is my memory once again failing me?

    But that does look really great, something I would wear.

  2. That would be wild silk, yes. Normally, with regular silk, the silk worms are killed in the process either by boiling them or by needles, which is why I'm generally against its use.