Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cyber: 'Transkema' Top with Pinstripe by Futurstate

When Cyber is good, it is so godsdamn good it almost hurts. This top is effortless, yet extremely attractive and nothing short of alluring; and would work just as well without the removable sleeves which, to my mind, is the point of removable sleeves and straps - to be able to follow your whim with what you want your garment to look like one day and then change it the next while still preserving the point of what you are wearing. The sleeves carry the same theme as the top, all the way down to having a peep hole, which is cute.

Found it here, and the sleeves here. The top's on sale, by the way - only one size left. There are different variations of the Transkema top (green and silver), as well.


  1. That is a flattering design indeed! And you could use this idea to upcycle an old black t-shirt too - that is, if you happen to find striped stretch fabric that looks good (which is surprisingly hard)...

  2. A good idea, that. Could be done in many different colours and pattern combinations, too.

  3. She needs Trinity boots, a gun, a motorcycle and an evil technocracy to take down :D