Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cyber: 'Transkema' Top with Pinstripe by Futurstate

When Cyber is good, it is so godsdamn good it almost hurts. This top is effortless, yet extremely attractive and nothing short of alluring; and would work just as well without the removable sleeves which, to my mind, is the point of removable sleeves and straps - to be able to follow your whim with what you want your garment to look like one day and then change it the next while still preserving the point of what you are wearing. The sleeves carry the same theme as the top, all the way down to having a peep hole, which is cute.

Found it here, and the sleeves here. The top's on sale, by the way - only one size left. There are different variations of the Transkema top (green and silver), as well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

EGL: Silk Brocade Harlequin Waistcoat by Kambriel

Classy, and a classic, this waistcoat is well-tailored and extremely versatile when it comes to which style to combine it to. The extremely easy, laid-back road to success and elegance lies exactly in the styling in the picture shown above, but with this, one could go many directions, and play quite freely with texture, details, and colour; hence the multiple labels. It is unfortunate, however, that it is made of silk.

Found here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fetish/Gothic: 'Vinyl Mini Skirt First Class' (Art.Nr.: 32470) at XtraX

Is it just me, or did the already scorching-high temperature just climb even higher up?

Now, one could claim that this might fall under the category of Trying Too Much. But I counter that with Fetish - a style like Fetish is partially defined by pushing the envelope, going for the extreme and playing with erotic, if not pornographic, elements in clothes. Sometimes the results are more sad than hot, and sometimes, such as with this mini (and the whole outfit, actually)... definitely hot.

I'd say what really makes this outfit is the balance of elements. And the high stockings. The only thing I would not mind seeing gone is that veil.

Golly. (Lack&Leder/ Vinyl&Leather - Röcke&Kleider/ Skirts&Dresses - page 3)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fail: 'Black Cotton Top w/ Lace Sleeves - Fleur Cross' by StrangeWays at Kinky Angel

Bad taste does cruel things to innocent pieces of fabric, transforming them into clothes that are too horrid for words. Granted, this top can only be judged by its hanger appeal, but I remain convinced that not even the most experienced, professional model could salvage the poor construction and overall bad choices in design.

Lace does not play nicely with other fabrics, and they more often than not end up clashing violently unless the other fabric is of high enough quality.

The lacing does not help the fit (despite of what the description might claim) because the fabric is too thin and will only crumple very untidily. Concerning ribbons in general: the only place where excessive amounts of it is acceptable is in the back of a corset with proper boning. Anywhere else it is destined to look like a cat's favourite plaything.

(Found here.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rave: 'Barricade' Jacket in UV Green by Tripp NYC at Beatdropscloset

An interesting combination of Raver and Cyber Goth with perhaps a small nod towards the general direction of the Rivethead style, this jacket benefits from the bright, chaotic colour and the clean structure and tailoring. The fit is beautiful. I imagine this piece could work both for the day and the evening.

Found here. It's on sale, for the X-small-sized of us.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cabaret Goth: 'Judy Cutie' Dress by Hilary's Vanity at Infectious Threads

Despite of what it says in the description, I would not consider this to be a Lolita dress, but am more reminded of a Cabaret Goth.

It's short, yet still tasteful, and the A-line hem with just a little bit of frill makes it look light. Putting a lace trim in the collar keeps the look cohesive throughout. This is also exactly the type of dress where buttons in the front going from neckline to hem is an excellent choice aesthetically. Any longer dresses would have a harder time pulling it off - Victorian and Neo-Victorian are among the few styles which generally do it beautifully.

The dress is also available in black and white, which is, in my opinion, an equally beautiful piece. Available here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fail: 'XXX Holster' Hotpants by Cyberdog

Oh dear. Words escape me.

My good gentlefolk, I know it is hot outside and very nearly everywhere inside as well, and you'd feel the urge to wear as little clothing as possible to stay relatively sane and still avoid getting fined for indecency.


(Found here. Unfortunately. But do read the description, it's fairly amusing and also a little bit sad in all its enthusiasm. "Get loaded" indeed.)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Goths Survive Summer: 'Black Stripe' Parasol by Retroscope

This parasol would offer as a great relief for any Gothic Lolita who traipses outside in full costume, frills and stockings and all.

It is too hot here right now.

(Found here.)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Fail: 'SoulCatcher' Dress at Cruella

What we have here, gentlefolk, is a gothic cylinder.

Never mind the horrible fit when you can botch it from the start with completely ridiculous proportions and the use of such heavy fabrics that there is no way it could possibly work as strapless. The back side is pretty disastrous, as well - follow the link to see it.

Now, how would these elements be used differently for a more successful outcome? First off, remove the double lacing, or if it has to be there, use it only in the back. Then add some sleeves or at least straps to hold it up. Fit the top part more snugly and let it go looser from the hips. Use the satin throughout and move the lace part to create a layer underneath. Something like that.

Found here.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Romantic Goth: 'Dahlia' Skirt at Rose Mortem

Behold the correct use of velvet and lace in gothic clothing. Let the velvet do what it does best, which is to cascade freely and heavily downwards, and romanticize it with a modest lace trimming. This I approve of. See, I haven't got anything against Romantic Goths. It can be done with style, oh yes, with both velvet and lace, even.

There's a touch of period clothing style with this particular skirt, too, and depending on what else one might wear with it, it could pass for Neo-Victorian or Steampunk. Especially the burgundy version.

Found here.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Emo? 'Bi-polar' T-Shirt by KuroiNeko Clothing

Basic T-shirts always need an extra little something to be interesting, and usually the best kind of something is simple but cunning. I fancy the idea of this shirt; clever, clear, and kind of dramatic. While there is the danger of cluttering the whole thing, they haven't crossed that fine line, and it's all there for a reason (on the Manic side).

They also carry a style without the ribbon and lace.

Available here. (The site is in Finnish only.)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Fail: 'Death or Glory' Long-Sleeved Shirt at Blackrose

I know a mannequin would make any piece of clothing look a little bit off and wonky, but one can regardless somehow make out the general feel of the garment, and the general feel of this garment is fail. That shape, if it can even be called a shape, looks good on no one. It's nearly a slim fit, but not entirely, and the sleeves seem to be indecisive about whether to go loose or tight. Good-looking vertically striped shirts are actually a living hell to find, despite of how commonplace they appear. Sewing on a couple of zippers and D-rings while ignoring the fit entirely complete the disaster.

Found it here.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Gothabilly: 'Sweet Pea' Skirt by Rocksteady at Delirium

There are two types of Goths: ones that wouldn't get caught dead wearing anything with a heart or any kind, and the ones whose style embraces said symbol and makes it their own. (Emos, I think, fall somewhere in between, for I've seen them sport a broken heart symbol more often than a whole one.)

Gothabillies seem to have a thing for hearts, I've noticed, along with some Lolitas. The fact that the heart, a cliché among clichés, definitely works in this particular garment, is that (1) it is being made the subtle centre point of the skirt by keeping everything else at minimum and (2) by choosing the silhouette as the classic Gothabilly favourite, separating it from any other context. (I realise I may be over-analysing now.) The bottom line: the whole skirt works, and it is beautifully made as well.

Find the skirt here (under Ladies' Clothes - Pants & Skirts).