Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: 'Haunted Windows' Pyjamas at Drac-In-A-Box

What can I say? It's an endearing look, and I have to say that it is quite a feat to come up with sleepwear that could be described as alternative, in the first place - the only other example I had found so far was that one pair of Matrix pyjama trousers. Let alone that the results should be this adorable.

The print works nicely, for pyjamas, that is; and a close-up on the buttons reveals them to be ghost-shaped.

Pleasant nightmares!

(Found here.)

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  1. Not my kind of thing (Currently curled up in bed wearing a satin nightdress with a silver rose embroidered down one side - 24-7 Romantic goth :P) but well executed. I like the rectangles fabric pattern. The ghost buttons are too cute for my tastes, but they work for the garment.