Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gothic: 'Marquis' Underbust Corset by Gallery Serpentine

It is refreshing to see a different shape for an underbust corset, especially when it is so beautifully made. The strength of the shape makes it flattering, and the details have been put in just right - not too much, but enough to entertain the eye. PVC often shows its best side when set side by side with something elegant and less shiny, and with it, the contrast creates an interesting surface.

Found here. A bit pricey, of course, but corsets always are (- if not, one should be very suspicious).


  1. I must admit I do rather like the corset - although I don't think I could persuade my other half to wear one. Unfortunately I don't think that the lace scarf(?) and trim on his shirt works with it. A plain black shirt might have actually looked a lot better, or maybe a plain black shirt with shiny buttons, but not that... scarf?

  2. Indeed, the styling here could have been done better.