Friday, June 11, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Crosses

Theme: Crosses

About the theme: only so-called Christian (or similar) crosses are included; no Ankhs. And why? Because the Ankh is not a cross, contrary to the common misconception. The Ankh is a religious symbol and hieroglyphic character from ancient Egypt, dating back far before the time anyone began to regard a device for torturous execution as a symbol, and the two of them simply bear a vague resemblance to each other, which is purely coincidental.

Good: 'Large Cowl Collar Cross' Blouse at FanplusfriendI confess that I sort of knew in advance where to look to find the most elegant way of using the cross in clothing: the Japanese alternative scene. And elegance (EGA) is the perfect word to use of this shirt. It is powerful in design, striking and beautifully made, and I approve of the cowl collar immensely, for it is very clearly one of the key elements of this stylish garment.

Found here (and it's weirdly inexpensive). It is also available in inverted colours, but I think it definitely works a lot better this way.

: 'Tudor Cross' Skirt at Blackrose

While doing the research for this month's Good, Bad, Ugly section, this thing here pretty much the general style of the majority of clothes that I found with a cross on them. The skirt looks sloppy, cheap and frankly quite boring; and the Tudor cross has just been slapped in there, only for it to be obscured by the wide, red ribbons and bows. Nope, not good. Either have a symbol in there, or don't.


'Venitia' Dress at Hors Norm
Mes Dieux! As soon as I laid my eyes on this, I knew I had a winner. Trying too much never makes a garment sexy, let alone the person who is wearing it. Fetish clothing should, in my mind, flatter whatever asset it is focusing on, and play with what is revealed and, more importantly, what isn't. Of course, what is beautiful in the eyes of a fetishist (and I use the term very loosely here) does not necessarily agree with what other people may think, and therein lies the attraction of fetish clothing. But this one here is simply a little bit sad.

The crosses and what they squeeze is not the only thing which makes this "dress" unattractive, but the contraption certainly draws the most attention. It looks tortured, and not in the BDSM appeal kind of way.

Cliquez ici.

Dear readers! Any suggestions for future themes would be very welcome, should something cross (NPI) your mind.

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