Saturday, June 12, 2010

Geeky Goth: Star Wars Corsets by Evening Arwen

In general, it is somewhat easy to convince yours truly with a lot of the Star Wars -related stuff that we see all around the internet. However, this time I think someone really went over and beyond the obvious and created something which would appeal even to a more general audience and not just the fandom. The Vader corset is, of course, more literal than the Storm Trooper corset, but even that one could definitely be combined with a less costume-y outfit, not losing its geek credibility, but gaining some chic while at it, instead.

(Of course, a lot of fans would call this blasphemy. Then again, some people are offended by anything and everything.)

A friend gave me this link to this geek's wet dream. The originals can be found in the designer's own home page.

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