Sunday, June 27, 2010

EGL: 切り込みドレープカーディガン at PEACE NOW

(They call it something along the lines of 'draped cut cardigan'.) I am, once again, delighted at the sight of something which clearly speaks alternative aesthetics to me, yet succeeds in introducing something new rather than traditional. Classics are always classics, yes, but I feel the alternative scene experiences thorough change and embraces new ideas quite a bit slower than the mainstream (by which I refer to haute couture more than street clothes).

The elements that make this cardigan what it is have always been present in alternative fashion, but having them combined exactly like this is a rare sight. I like it how it doesn't have to be fitted in the back at all, and how what one would choose to wear underneath would change the whole style of the garment completely.

Found here.

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