Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rave/Hippie Goth: 'Phosphor' Hoody in Black and Green by Gado Gado at Saturn Return

It is interesting, if not surprising, how much the themes of hippie clothing overlap with rave garments - I have seen a lot of the traditional India-inspired imagery (deities and such) that modern hippies fancy, put in clothes which lean more towards the gothic rave style. Indeed, it is a small step to take to go from rave to hippie. Neither of them, however, very often take advantage of patterns that usually are called "celtic". That is why this hoodie caught my attention. The shape of the hood speaks Hippie Goth to me. Other than that and the celtic swirls, there is little special about the garment, but I think it makes a nice everyday look in any case. Or everynight, having that it does glow in the dark.

Available here.

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