Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fail: 'Webness' Cami Top by Lip Service at Arsenic Fashions

When a garment looks like underwear worn on the outside, it usually doesn't make the thing any more attractive, but sadly often au contraire, instead. This case is no exception. Combining a heavy print with such a skimpy, thin fabric and adding some ruffle action in the hemline were bad enough as they were, without the bra-like bust.

Indeed, the only aspect of this top that doesn't have an undergarment-like feel to it is the print (and perhaps the loose, spineless lacing in the back, as well), hence condemning the garment forever into the sad limbo that lies between outer wear and lingerie, it not being able to function as either one of them.

(Ran into the wretched thing right here.)


  1. It doesn't help that the model looks terribly bored as well.

  2. Bored, or positively disgusted.