Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fail: Satin 'Burlesque' V-Front Top by Phaze at Kinky Angel

Whoa! What is going on over here? The fit, the colour, the fabric... Sure, no piece of clothing ever looked at their best on a mannequin torso, but this is taking that to the extreme, along with failing in absolutely every bloody thing I can think of. Why is there a block of lace sewn on it? And the ribbons that go over it?

It pains me just to look at this top of doom. No wonder it is on sale, although I cannot possibly imagine anyone paying even that much for a garment so hideous. And there is, for the major part, nothing wrong with the brand, and the store usually caters very nice stuff, too, I am left utterly confused. Can't trust anyone these days.

Witness the Horrors of Alternative Fashion Hell in red or black here.


  1. All Phaze clothes fill the requirements for "epic fail". Or is it their mannequins, which make the clothes look saggy and plain ugly?

  2. I have to disagree, I think Phaze is generally able to produce a lot of good stuff. It's just that when they do fail, they fail hard. Mostly I see them fall due to a poor choice of fabric more than anything. But yes, the models they employ don't appear very professional to me.