Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fail: 'Inevitable Night' Dress at Infectious Threads

Eh... Right.

I almost can see the attempted point with this garment, but as far as execution goes, it is completely and utterly off. At this length, the blocky shape (or un-shape) simply does not work. The way it's constructed, the whole garment looks wrinkly and wonky, and the lacing looks incredibly cheap put on top of everything.

The tulle at the hem looks lost and unfinished, like there was supposed to be more, but the cat ate it. And there is nothing worth seeing at the back. No-thing. Just some stretchy fabric. All in all, this dress looks sloppy, and black clothes more than any else must always look meticulous to work, even when the supposed outcome is more along the lines of what I call ghoul goth.

Find the monstrosity here.

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