Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rivethead/ Fetish? 'Division LS II Ambush' Military Dress by Lip Service at Voodoo Dolly

One may get bored with Lip Service every once in a while (which I certainly have), but even then one has to remember that good construction and high quality are not what makes it boring. The military style has been going in and out of gothic fashion for several years now, which is why we keep bumping into these pieces quite often. I find it slightly disquieting that I still have not gotten enough of it.

This dress is impeccable and sleek, and the point where the collar meets the neckline hast to be my personal favourite of the piece. Very dramatic elegance, definitely. Also very demanding on the body, not entirely unlike vinyl clothes in general. Fit is crucial in any clothing, but when the fabric does not drape beautifully due to its natural tendency, the whole garment instantly looks dowdy with even one ill-fitting part. This is why I consider anyone who has no trouble finding well-fitting vinyl garments incredibly lucky.

Found here. (Follow the link to see the back of the dress)

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  1. I think my hips are probably too wide to fit into that dress (where the skirt is about the same width as the chest/bust) but oh, how I'd love to.