Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fail: 'Funeral Doll Victoria in Mourning' Cami Top by Lip Service at Iris Noir

The colour of this top is fairly nice. And that wraps up the positive part of this update. Looking at the top makes me want to bury my head firmly inside my palm. The garment is going for that Neo-Victorian-ish look but fails miserably at it, mostly due to the sad wiry things which resemble bra straps.

Incidentally, I may not be an expert on, um, chest anatomy, but to my knowledge is really is physically impossible to possess one shaped like it could fit perfectly into those cups. Wouldn't the breasts have to be incredibly far away from each other and somehow very saggy, too, and shaped like two baguettes? The lace trimming I cannot even talk about, but toning it down a little bit would be a great place to start if you were to try and salvage this design.

Putting the chest issue aside, I am almost equally confused by those two black lines on the front. Why are they there? If their purpose would be to add some more shape to the top, it's once again a fail. Phew.

Found here.

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