Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fail: Black Trousers with Purple Ribbons at Gloomy Moon

So basically we just sew a pair of black trousers and do a crappy job at that, and then we stick some ribbons in it in the attempt of disguising them for what they really are, which is, as pointed out, a crappy pair of black trousers. And voilà! We have goth!


Found here. (The site is in Finnish.)


  1. Thank you so much for saying these pants are a FAIL, I am in total agreement. Most women don't need that part of their body to draw more attention.

    Fashion Editor

  2. Couldn't see the link but I'd agree for a retail price those are pretty plain and dull. Looking at them just gives me ideas on what could have been added to make them actually look neat and have the purple seem less randomly sewn in.
    If I saw someone make this as a DIY project it would be fine (though still lots of things to dress them up could be done...)

  3. Yes, the site appears to be down for maintenance.