Friday, March 19, 2010

Alternative Accessories: 'The Dragons Lure' Stud Earring by Alchemy Gothic at Kinky Angel

Exhilaratingly cleverly designed, this dragon earring immediately caught my attention. It almost looks like it pierces the ear at several points when it really doesn't. The creature is beautiful and sleek, and it is very well proportioned to the ear, subtly mimicking its shape. A genuinely attractive piece of jewellery (and surprisingly good taste for Alchemy Gothic, pardon my French).

Available here.


  1. is this earring a stretcher and where can i get it?

  2. Anonymous: I am not completely sure if it's a stretcher. Judging from the shape of the tip of the tail it might not be (because one would have to fit the tip through the hole and it looks a little bit painful). I suggest you send e-mail to the manufacturer or the seller.

    Alchemy is a fairly well-known brand and there are lots of places to buy their merchandise from, such as the online store I provided the link to in my post.

  3. its not a stretcher and sell it

  4. The tail comes apart and there is a thin rod average earring size