Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Romantic Goth: 'Moor' Full-Length Skirt at Hors Norm

Red and black is obviously highly favoured a colour combination in gothic fashion and specifically in the Romantic sub-category, I dare state. However common, it is, indeed, one of the trickiest dramatic colour combinations that I can think of, since so much rests on the exact shades as well as the fabrics. A worst-case scenario would most likely consist of a very bright, cool scarlet shade with a slightly worn-out black, executed with cheap-looking materials.

And here we have an example of the colours working together beautifully. As seen here, the red needs to be rich and saturated to go well with black, and the black has to be deep as well - that, or simply replace it with grey. The little lace trimming adds a suitably sophisticated finishing touch, and I am genuinely surprised by how there is just enough of it and not one centimeter too much. Lace, it seems, oftentimes develops a life of its own.

Available here. The site is in French.

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