Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cyber Goth: 'Siberia' Long Coat at Cryoflesh

Warm, stylish, neat, displaying both sci-fi and traditional oriental influence at its best, this coat has both the drama of gothic aesthetics and the luxurious comfort of convenience. The proportions keep the garment flattering, too - apart from the large pockets, perhaps, if one has very wide hips.

With enough layers of clothing underneath, it might just serve as winter-wear even up here in the grim and frost-bitten North. At least the high collar makes a good protection against the godsawful gale we get here.

Found here.


  1. Where can you acquire such a coat from? Online only or is there a shop?

  2. Alex: I think this coat is a Cryoflesh original and AFAIK they haven't got a shop of their own. Some other online stores resell their stuff, so I suppose it's possible that some alternative shops do, too.

    Maybe you could send them e-mail and ask? They're usually eager to help, from my experience.