Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gothabilly: 'Blackout' Western Shirt by Lucky 13 at Slash'n Burn

Yes, there is quite a lot going on here, but I think there is still a nice balance between all the elements present. There is a large embroidery in the back with which do not fully agree with me, but the themes which make something rockabilly or gothabilly rarely do. It is not as if all of those clothes had skulls, roses, pistols and playing cards, but it's more a rule than an exception.

The embroidery in the wrists and above the chest reminds me of a wire fence, in a good way.

Found here.


  1. Personally, gothabilly IS my style and I love western shirts, but this one has WAY too much going on, in a major cheese way. I think it's nice that you acknowledgt the style, believe it or not a few of us do exist!!!

    Check out to get a better idea of better idea of all the "a-billies"

    Fashion Editor

  2. Thank you for the feedback, I shall definitely check it out!