Monday, February 22, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Sweetheart Necklines

Good: 'Heartbreaker' Steel Boned Corset at Heavy Red

I am dumbstruck by how well this full-length corset works. The trick to a successful sweetheart neckline, it seems, lies in its depth, and holding back the urge to actually make it heart-shaped, the bloody thing looks amazing even to one who dislikes the look on default.

Due to the stripes, this is actually borderline Emo Goth, but Emo aesthetics rarely include corsets. (Hence the tags.) It struck me just now how rare it actually is to see vertical stripes on a corset, considering how common vertical stripes are in gothic fashion. Indeed, I recall no predecessor to this piece. Curious.

Available here. (I wonder how they can sell it at that low a price.) Incidentally, I approve of their pictures. A lot.

Bad: 'eb-04' Dress at FairyGothMother

Nothing wrong with the dress in itself (if you like Sweet Lolita, which is what this is in my opinion Edit: I stand corrected; it is nowhere near SL and I realise it now clear as day), but this is about the neckline, and when there is nothing to hold it firmly in place, it looks like it will slide down all the way. Here the effect is unfortunately further enhanced by the high waist and the wide sash, as they both emphasize the bareness of the decolletage and the droopiness of the neckline.

Found here.

Ugly: Blue & Black Striped Bra Halter Dress at the Mission Boutique

A cotton night shirt with a bra-like sweetheart neckline adorned with rhinestones. Except that it is supposed to be a dress, that is, day wear. Dear gods.

Sweetheart dreams here.


  1. That FairyGothMother dress is nowhere near lolita. Maybe a bad fifties dress. It has none of the basics of a lolita outfit: the skirt has an outward flare, it isn't long enough, it exposes too much etc etc. Otherwise this post is pure dynamite.

  2. Yes, perhaps you are right. I am not yet completely educated in what makes and does not make a sweet lolita.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  3. Definitely not lolita. Here, check this for a quick reference.

    People these days know nothing about good clothing. They're just trying to sell a look, even if it makes no sense.