Friday, February 05, 2010

Fail: Jacket at Noctifer

Too much everything placed apparently at random all over the badly tailored shirt. Do not want. The elements are there, but would be better distributed into several pieces instead of cluttering one.

Found here. (The site deserves your forgiveness.)

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  1. I've seen a lot of these sorts of cluttered "additions to a regular shirt/cardigan/jacket" items turn up in mainstream shops now that, at least in the UK, all things goth, biker and military are the darling of the fashion world. I love a nice military jacket, and it's wonderful that I can get these at reasonable prices from the mainstream shops at the moment, but I went into a shop that shall remain nameless and saw what appeared to be one of those deliberately saggy cardigan tops made out of some flimsy synthetic stuff - with cheap studs, fake zips, etc, and even worse, a knitted extra-long saggy cardigan, with spangly military designs in plastic sequins. I don't care if stuff like that is supposed to be mainstream rather than alternative, it's just ugly.