Monday, February 15, 2010

Alternative Accessories: 'Morpheus' Sunglasses by Blinde Design at Dark Entry

I am positive that there are some rivetheads out there who cannot stand The Matrix and hate the fact that many people who are into alternative fashion define their style by the film. I have yet to meet one, however.

This piece we have here is not meant to be bought, judging by the price tag. Supposedly this is the only pair they have left, which is why the price is so outrageous. But let us savour the thought of pinching a pair of Morpheus sunglasses on the bridge of our nose. Would that not be grand?

Available here, for those of us who are in the bank-robbing business or who regularly find themselves inheriting vast sums of money from dear deceased Auntie Mildred. And yes, they carry all the other main characters' glasses as well. This would just be my pick.

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