Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visual Kei/ Gothic: ラスベルクランダムワンピースジャケット by Atelier Boz

(The title says something along the lines of 'Raspberry (something) One Piece Jacket'. [Rasuberukurandamuwanpisujaketto - of which the 'kurandamu' bit I cannot comprehend. My apologies.])

Japanese alternative aesthetics rarely fail to impress. This piece works both as a jacket and a dress, which is why I tagged it under both. It is a beautiful example of how the whole shredded banshee look ought to be executed in a way that doesn't look like the person had an accident with a lawn mower. It's incredibly versatile, too, since most of the details are detachable, and I recommend you to visit the site for more looks.

I would feel like a terrible and not-so-subtle salesperson, what with all the hyping above, were this garment not so staggeringly expensive that nobody can afford it, anyway.

Found here.

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