Friday, January 15, 2010

Victorian/Emo/Cabaret? 'Psycho Circus Bat Seducer' Jacket by Lip Service at Iris Noir

This jacket, my good gentlefolk, is incredibly cute in a non-frilly way. There is the possibility that should one wear both the matching pieces together, one might give others the impression of a sleepwalker. But unless that disturbs you, it fits well and looks quite comfortable.

Also, I have very little idea of how I should tag this. The web store is trying to convince me that it's "A must for your goth burlesque wardrobe", and yes, there are some Cabaret Goth elements here, but I remain unconvinced. There's this Victorian-ish vibe with the pattern of the stripes and the choice of colours, but the zipper in the front speaks Emo to me. I am undecided and put them all in. Please choose whichever you think suits best.

Found here.

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