Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hippie: ' Yellow/Green Dragonfly' Dress at Karma Rose

Ah, hippies, a species that flourished from mid-60's to late 70's. Since then most individuals have either died of substance abuse, moved to Goa or turned into People. Yet every now and then one does spot the odd hippie in the crowd, sporting a pair of John Lennon glasses and... something colourful and nature-esque. Such as this dress. The pale yellow leaves quite a lot of room for improvement in my mind, but the rest of the garment definitely works, and the dragonfly design is beautiful in its simplicity. And the back is quite adorable. Quaint, even.

Incidentally, switching the colour yellow into black and possibly adding some lace would make this dress a fine specimen of the Hippie Goth.

Found here.

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