Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fail: 'Beloved' Dress by Funhouse at Delirium

No, no, no. Too much trimming in very unflattering places, the cloth doesn't hang well in itself and makes it look matronly. And it's got separate cups for breasts, which is always tricky. A definite miss, this one.

I'll be trying to find something fit for a romantic goth that is not made of fail, but so far I've had very little luck. It's very hard to do romantic in a polished way, as I've noticed.

In case you wish to look like a satin sack, get it here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hippie Goth:Venus Dress Ganesha at Space Tribe

It's unclear whether the dress in it is actually glowing in the dark (which would be cool but seems unlikely), or if it's merely enhanced with an effect to attract potential customers. I certainly got attracted and not only because of the god Ganesha, one of my favourite deities, but also because of the simplicity of the shape creating a wonderful contrast with the extremely busy design in the middle. I also appreciate the clever combination of hippie themes and gothic aesthetics here, for it's a fiendishly tricky thing to do it right.

Love & Peace sold here - for the very affordable price, I might add.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rivethead: 'Cyber Darkness' Skirt at X-Tra-X

Ah, a wonderfully versatile skirt on the starboard side, cap'n. Excellent with skinny trousers, as shown above, or stockings and hotpants, or knee-high boots and hotpants, or with nothing at all if you dare expose your legs to the cruel day star.

You have to be size L and very fast to get this particular garment for it is on sale and therefore they only have one of them, which is sad. But if the fancy strikes you, get it here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gothabilly/Fetish: 'Duvessa' PVC Dress at Realm of Darkness

PVC is a demanding material that requires skill from the craftsperson and a gorgeous figure from whoever is wearing the piece. Also, it's often fairly costly, and requires diligent maintenance. But when it comes to gaining the immediate attention of any viewer (the only faster and more certain way, I believe, would be presenting yourself in the nude), there is nothing like it.

The back of this dress is stunningly elegant. As I surely have said before, I'm not a fan of the heart-shaped neckline and especially not when it looks like underwear, but here it's tolerable, and what is happening at the hem is the only proper way to combine anything remotely tulle-like with PVC. Overall the cut of the dress is somewhat retro-inspired, which is what is very much in (at the moment) in mainstream fashion.

(get it here.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gothic Lolita: 'Vivienne' Skirt by Delirium

Apologies for the small pictures - not my fault. If there is one thing that irritates me constantly then this is it. Using too small pictures in a web store, especially one selling clothing, is not only annoying but also bad for business.

Putting that aside, I approve of this layered skirt and consider a skirt like this an essential item for any gosurori's closet. What's more, it's not as frilly as these things very often are and could therefore suit a traditional-but-slightly-frilly goth as well.

The only downside I'm seeing here is that this piece is fairly expensive and the crinoline isn't even included. Then again - if you are a lolita, you should already know that your clothes never come cheap or even affordable (and you need only have one or two crinolines, anyway). Of the lolitas that I'm even remotely acquainted with, nearly all sew for themselves. Sigh.

(get it here.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gothic Daily: Pinstriped Shirt at Drac-In-A-Box

Again something for every goth's closet, this simple and classy long-sleeved t-shirt would go very nicely with a black or a white short-sleeved tee on top, or you could wear it as it is - although in that case, the material suggests you to be very much in love with the shape of your tummy (skinny and trimmed or not). I'm very much fond of the shirt being form-fitting, as such shirts are always makes easier to combine it with different bottoms and/or tees.

(get it here.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fail: 'Flaming Skull Simkins' Hoody by Mercy at Polltäx

This is not an epic fail as such, but enough fail for me to grumble about. First of all, the flames. We do not like the flames (nor the skulls), and there is altogether too much of the flaming action going on in the sleeves and the hood. The hoodie is made of cotton, but I've seen and touched these IRL, and they really feel like fleece which, as a material, isn't terribly gothic in my mind. Fleece is for making little fluffy bunny plushies.

Even aside from all the flaming and skulling, I really don't appreciate the sleeves in any way. Trumpet shape doesn't go well with the rest of the cut, and as a whole the garment would look better were the sleeves either all pink or all black (in which case the charming, delightful flames and skulls that we so adore should be pink).

In case you love this, get it here. It's on sale.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gothic Daily: 'Long Gothic Coat' by Necessary Evil at The Gothic Shop

To be trüe and gawthy and all that matters in this world, I decided to post about winter-wear on summer. That's because I'm a unique, beautiful snowflake.


The reason I'm posting this coat here now is that I've been hearing of the alarmingly increasing use of real fur in fashion, and wanted to voice my own opinion on such matters right now.

Fur is not for humans to wear. The use of fur equals animals living all their lives in imprisonment, suffering from various diseases, malnutrition from poor feeding, and eventually, the most painful death imaginable. Some countries have already banned the fur industry altogether, such as the UK, and together we can all globally work towards a world where animals are allowed to wear their own skins. For more information, please visit or similar. Here's also a related Daily Mail story (it's two years old, but it carries a warning about authenticity).

So. The point here is: this coat looks very warm and comfy and gothic, and the trimming on it is faux fur. Faux is French for "fake". And fake is good. Just remember to be very careful about it, like the DM article reminds us.

Get the coat here. (The Gothic Shop)