Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gothabilly / Rockabilly: 'Paige' Top by Collectif at Nitrobabe

I was "accused" of deliberately avoiding Gothabilly style in this blog, and to prove this wrong, I decided to find something iconic to exactly that preference. Voilà.

The collar is pushing 60's, but as far as I know, the era from which the Rockabillies and Gothabillies draw their inspiration can be extended all the way from the 30's to late 60's.

As for the fit, I think it could be a touch slimmer, but it's not catastrophic as it is. Besides, the black underbust band gives the garment a bit of the shape it would otherwise be lacking. With the cut of the shirt, it looks like it would look terrific on practically any shape and size, although perhaps the curvier would benefit more than the skinny - which is, essentially, typical for Gothabilly fashion (if we're talking about the femme style rather than the Elvis lookalikes).

Available here (a Finnish site).

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