Friday, December 04, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: the Ankh

Welcome to the comparative edition of Darker Fashions. We shall now look at three different examples of a given theme, labelling one of the three pieces good, one bad, and one ugly. Let us proceed.

Theme: the Ankh

If you look very closely, you may notice that there is a necklace in the picture. I took a while for me to spot it, but do keep looking; it's in there, trust me.

The design is impeccable, the swirls framing the ankh most beautifully, and the style is quite unique.

Found here.

BadThe pendant appears well-made, and my problem with this item is solely due to the design, the essential aesthetics. It is far too... bling, soppy, kitsch. And most importantly let us keep the symbols separated, shall we? (I can imagine this to be the dream come true for a Romantic Goth, however, and to each their own, as they say.)

Found here.


It's not only the fact that this entire blouse looks poorly made and lacks shape; the ankh sewn on the chest looks poorly made and lacks shape, too, and one should think it cannot be really that hard. It's just the ankh and as a symbol, the design can vary very much indeed. But here, the thing has gone unmistakably wrong, and I can only describe it as ugly. Moreover, why adorn your poorly made, shapeless blouse with the ankh if due to the design it only ends up resembling the Christian cross, instead?

Found here.

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