Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rave: 'Carnaby' Pants in White by Criminal Damage at Polltäx

More trousers! Goths could do with a little bit more white to see how dramatic and daring a colour it can be. White is a perfect colour in which to stand out in your average alternatively dressed crowd. (We are all so different and that is why we dress in all black.)

With clubbing gear such as this pair of trousers here, it's good to keep in mind how UV light reacts quite radiantly with white - it practically glows. As for the cut here, having all the stuff piled to the sides and holding the front clear keeps the shape very flattering.

Available here.


  1. Pidän näistä tosi paljon. Valkosen käyttäminen olis niin ihanan pervoa mulle, mut jos näitä pääsisin kokeilemaan niin varmasti olisin valmis ne ostamaan heti.