Monday, October 12, 2009

Fetish: "Patent Vinyl and Vegi Leather Classics" Loose Fit Jeans by Lip Service at Redemption Klothing

The most important thing to remember with vinyl or PVC is to make it absolutely sure that they fit well. No, scratch that, they must fit perfectly. Otherwise what we get is not the hot and slightly kinky but a sad, sort of drenched look. And in case you haven't witnessed the disastrously ill-fitting PVC/vinyl garment, you just have to trust my word. (Look forward to some Fail posting...)

Lip Service knows how to deal with challenging fabric, as we see here. These trousers fit. They come in red and black, of which the red has such a delicious tone that I'd strongly recommend preferring that over the black.

Get them here.

1 comment:

  1. PVC, mixed feelings about that material. I love seeing it on others but never felt it suited my own body type.

    It either looks great or just plain awful.