Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hippie Goth? Long Skirt with Tie Front & Flocked Cross Panel by Omen at Kinky Angel

Stumbled upon this and I had to take a second look until I really gathered what the hell it was, then decided I like it and posted it here. The tie panels are actually quite ingenious, and the fabrics, albeit in fairly traditional black and purple, are of unusual texture and pattern. I am reminded of a purple wallpaper with solid black wooden panelling, and it's intriguingly queer.

I am undecided on whether this really is a hippie goth skirt, but didn't find any better way to call it. The point is that it's something I haven't seen before, which is saying a lot. Moving the meeting point of the tie panels from back to front might improve this skirt somewhat, although doing that might result in looking like an apron.

Found it here.

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