Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Mesh

Welcome to the comparative edition of Darker Fashions. We shall now look at three different examples of a given theme, labelling one of the three pieces good, one bad, and one ugly. Let us proceed.

Theme: Mesh


I guess you could really call this look 'Zombie Goth'. Deathrocker, maybe? I think the mesh as a material needs a reason to why it is used in the first place, especially if it's made the main focus of the garment. What we have with this top is the idea of zombie-esque holes and tears and shredded fabric yet it is executed well within the limits of good taste, not to mention how flattering this is to the body regardless of being, for the most part, sheer.

One little piece of advice, however - if it's not a black, sleeveless (not spaghetti strap) top then let there be nothing at all underneath this shirt, regardless of the shape of your chest. As we can see in the picture, a bra just looks bad. But nipples aren't radioactive.

(found here)

If it looks like an unfortunate mainstream piece of nightwear/ lingerie, do not wear it outside of bed, if at all. Please. Satin is a tricky fabric to be successfully combined with almost any. With satin and mesh, the underwear effect is inescapable.

(found here)

UglyGot a desperate urge to look like a particularly ugly side curtain? Oh happy day, I have found you a top!



  1. Love the first one, wouldn't mind having a shirt like that. But the other two...

  2. I can see where the last one was going, and they appear to be a case of "enthusiasm exceeds execution" as my boyfriend would say.. It fails terribly at being elegant and flowing, something one could wear under an unerbust corset, and instead looks kinda like a curtain, just like you said. They've worked out what drapes are, just not where they GO...

  3. Feathers: Well put. I, too, think that they aimed for elegance with the last piece. They just missed the aim by a mile.