Monday, October 05, 2009

Fail: 'Seduction' Dress by Cyberdog at FuckTheMainStream

This dress makes no sense. The hemline works, yes, and as such remains the sole good feature here: the ruffle seems wrongly placed and messy, and the would-be halterneck-ish shape makes the neckline look badly tailored and unfinished.

And don't get me started on the contrast stitching. In case you have always wanted to wear a bra on top of your dress, then yes, this garment with its contrast stitching is definitely for you. In case you haven't, however, then let it be clear that choosing a garment such as we see here would very obviously state that you really want to look like you haven't quite grasped the idea of underwear being worn underneath your clothes and not vice versa.

Wouldn't know who it is that anyone wanted to seduce by wearing this ghastly dress, but I for one am not feeling it. I prefer the classier type.

In case it's your dream come true, get it here.

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