Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gothic Lolita: 'Cute Striped Pirate Skull Bag' at Lolita Kisama

I must say that I have never really understood bags and purses. Never gotten the idea of what would make them especially wonderful. But I recognize a nice tote bag when I see it, and judging by what I usually witness a gothic lolita wear, this one here wouldn't look completely out of place. Then again, without the bow-wearing skull (whose eye sockets appear to be heart-shaped), it would be just an another striped black-and-white bag. I realize I have a simple taste.

Available here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fetish: Black PVC 'Dominatrix' Slits Jacket at My Little Halo

I dislike the name of this garment. Putting that aside, the garment itself is neat and hot. If there ever was a time and place for slit sleeves, this is it. The jacket is made of PVC with additional stretch cotton for added comfort and a better fit. It's good to see that the manufacturer has taken practice into consideration as well as style, as with fetish-y clothing this is unfortunately all too rarely the case.

I'd recommend combining the jacket with a bright-coloured (red, green, teal...) PVC dress and perhaps combat boots or alternatively some very graceful, chic heels.

Available here.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Mesh

Welcome to the comparative edition of Darker Fashions. We shall now look at three different examples of a given theme, labelling one of the three pieces good, one bad, and one ugly. Let us proceed.

Theme: Mesh


I guess you could really call this look 'Zombie Goth'. Deathrocker, maybe? I think the mesh as a material needs a reason to why it is used in the first place, especially if it's made the main focus of the garment. What we have with this top is the idea of zombie-esque holes and tears and shredded fabric yet it is executed well within the limits of good taste, not to mention how flattering this is to the body regardless of being, for the most part, sheer.

One little piece of advice, however - if it's not a black, sleeveless (not spaghetti strap) top then let there be nothing at all underneath this shirt, regardless of the shape of your chest. As we can see in the picture, a bra just looks bad. But nipples aren't radioactive.

(found here)

If it looks like an unfortunate mainstream piece of nightwear/ lingerie, do not wear it outside of bed, if at all. Please. Satin is a tricky fabric to be successfully combined with almost any. With satin and mesh, the underwear effect is inescapable.

(found here)

UglyGot a desperate urge to look like a particularly ugly side curtain? Oh happy day, I have found you a top!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hippie Goth? Long Skirt with Tie Front & Flocked Cross Panel by Omen at Kinky Angel

Stumbled upon this and I had to take a second look until I really gathered what the hell it was, then decided I like it and posted it here. The tie panels are actually quite ingenious, and the fabrics, albeit in fairly traditional black and purple, are of unusual texture and pattern. I am reminded of a purple wallpaper with solid black wooden panelling, and it's intriguingly queer.

I am undecided on whether this really is a hippie goth skirt, but didn't find any better way to call it. The point is that it's something I haven't seen before, which is saying a lot. Moving the meeting point of the tie panels from back to front might improve this skirt somewhat, although doing that might result in looking like an apron.

Found it here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rave: 'Carnaby' Pants in White by Criminal Damage at Polltäx

More trousers! Goths could do with a little bit more white to see how dramatic and daring a colour it can be. White is a perfect colour in which to stand out in your average alternatively dressed crowd. (We are all so different and that is why we dress in all black.)

With clubbing gear such as this pair of trousers here, it's good to keep in mind how UV light reacts quite radiantly with white - it practically glows. As for the cut here, having all the stuff piled to the sides and holding the front clear keeps the shape very flattering.

Available here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fetish: "Patent Vinyl and Vegi Leather Classics" Loose Fit Jeans by Lip Service at Redemption Klothing

The most important thing to remember with vinyl or PVC is to make it absolutely sure that they fit well. No, scratch that, they must fit perfectly. Otherwise what we get is not the hot and slightly kinky but a sad, sort of drenched look. And in case you haven't witnessed the disastrously ill-fitting PVC/vinyl garment, you just have to trust my word. (Look forward to some Fail posting...)

Lip Service knows how to deal with challenging fabric, as we see here. These trousers fit. They come in red and black, of which the red has such a delicious tone that I'd strongly recommend preferring that over the black.

Get them here.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Alternative Accessories: Armwarmers at GoodGoth

I am unsure whether these could be labelled as Steampunk (as the site claims), so I'm leaving that for the eye of the beholder to decide. (Neo-Victorian-ish, maybe?) Regardless of how these armwarmers should be classified, I love the idea behind them immensely and think they are nicely nonconformist and fresh.

Now, if only the white "buttons" were real buttons instead of just printed white dots, I'd approve even more (in which case they would definitely be Neo-Victorian-ish, by the way).

Get them here.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Fail: 'Seduction' Dress by Cyberdog at FuckTheMainStream

This dress makes no sense. The hemline works, yes, and as such remains the sole good feature here: the ruffle seems wrongly placed and messy, and the would-be halterneck-ish shape makes the neckline look badly tailored and unfinished.

And don't get me started on the contrast stitching. In case you have always wanted to wear a bra on top of your dress, then yes, this garment with its contrast stitching is definitely for you. In case you haven't, however, then let it be clear that choosing a garment such as we see here would very obviously state that you really want to look like you haven't quite grasped the idea of underwear being worn underneath your clothes and not vice versa.

Wouldn't know who it is that anyone wanted to seduce by wearing this ghastly dress, but I for one am not feeling it. I prefer the classier type.

In case it's your dream come true, get it here.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Steampunk: Casual Boots at Clockwork Couture

Thought I'd comment on these, but I honestly can't think of much else to say except that they are beautiful, and faux leather, meaning they are made of win as well. Notice the exquisite lacing and the straps. Wear them with multiple layers of Steampunk fashion. Yes, that includes long layered skirts, or possibly a pair of long, stripy trousers. Remember the top hat.

These boots come in black and brown. Get them here.