Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sweet Lolita: 赤ずきんコートワンピース (Little Red Riding-Hood coat one piece dress) by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

Since today is the Inverted 666 Day, I decided to post something which would be pretty much as far away as possible from being grim or frost-bitten. And I found this.

It is very hard to beat the inverted-evil-ness of this dress. Making it pink or other pastel colour would actually make it more evil, because that would already be highly suspicious. Add the finishing touch to this looks with corkscrew curls and white maryjanes.

(find it in this site - do pay a visit, if only to check out pictures of the details of this piece)

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  1. Ah mi gawd! That's cute, almost too cute even for me to wear. ^^