Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rivethead: 'Jailbreak' Trousers by Bat Attack at X-tra-

It's the straps that make this a Rivethead garment in my opinion, yet I'm sure other styles could embrace the look just as well. Shiny, with straps. I haven't seen a pair of pants quite like this before, and rarely does one bump into gothic trousers that could be paired up so perfectly with calf-length boots.

Bat Attack has a very laid-back sense of style and their garments are mostly daily wear. A lot of them are a bit on the boring side, admittedly, but at least most of them keep the design simple and straightforward. Even the alternative dresser wants to look casual every now and then.

Find it here. Oh, and should you decide to invest on these trousers exactly as the picture shows them, please take a friendly piece of advice into consideration: don't attach any hand cuffs to the final look. Please.