Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fetish: 'Desensitized' Jacket by Lip Service at Redemption Klothing

A nice example of combining girdle mesh and any heavy and slightly shiny material, and the sleeves are stylish and simply gorgeous. There's a pattern in the back that imitates lacing, which is infinitely better a solution than having an actual lacing. (Follow the link for more pictures.) I'm also very drawn to the other look for this piece, with teal-colour details. Alas, like the case with most fetish-related clothing, this jacket is most definitely very difficult and demanding, beauty-wise.

I'm a bit concerned of whether this is made of real leather, which is why I don't tell you to get it here. (You'll have to find the piece yourself, since the site is unpleasantly difficult to link to due to the use of frames.)


  1. Ei kyllä mun vartalolla tuollanen toimis, saa aika femme ja hoikka olla et hyvältä näyttäis.

  2. Joo, mallin vartalolle toimii. Sama homma melkein millä vaan fetish-vaatteella.