Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fail: Mocha "Rave" Shorts by UFO at Beatdropscloset

The reason why I put quotation marks on the word 'Rave' there is exactly the reason for me posting this piece of clothing as a fail. It's always refreshing to see new ideas surface in alternative street wear as well as high fashion, but a) it has to happen for some reason, and b) it cannot go against the whole idea of a certain style, lest it have no purpose - it isn't revolutionizing if it turns into something preexisting. Which is what happened here. Does anything in these shorts say 'Rave' to you? They are BEIGE, for gods' sake.

A random mainstream reader who enjoys stuff like this may get these here. It's a good site, generally speaking.


  1. Where is the rave in these? Where?!?

    You can call a blade of grass a flower but that doesn't make it a flower, or sumtin clever.

  2. What's more, they're sporting a tiny little thing that looks a lot like an American flag...

  3. Yah, I noticed that. But what could be more punk than the United effin State of America!