Monday, August 17, 2009

Cyber Goth: 'Bionic Cy' Shirt by Sektor1

Sektor1 is easily one of my favourite alternative brands, with their beautiful materials and clever, clean designs. And I actually happen to own the matching pants for this shirt. It reminds me of all things happy and pleasant and cool, like the Matrix, or bondage clubs. There is just enough of the green to make it work, and the buckles give great structure to the front as well as to the sleeves.

Ogle it here (see Catalog), or find it somewhere to buy (such as Amazon).


  1. where can i buy this t-shirt???
    i come from the netherlands so we don't have any shop here.
    please send me a email about this shirt.
    best regards from Kenneth

  2. I would very much have liked to send you an e-mail, but I did not receive an address.

    Sektor1 lists one store in the Netherlands which carries their label, in the city of Alkmaar, Cirkel Zenter, Fnidsen 91 (zip code 1811NE). A lot of online stores also ship worldwide, and a little bit of searching (googling the name of the garment) will definitely give you some results.