Friday, July 03, 2009

Steampunk: 'Steam Machine' Vest by Lip Service at Arsenic Fashions

An alternative trend I've spotted: steampunk mania. I see people who have so far had a Thing for the Victorian era in general, also known as Victorian goths, now going completely mental over not just embroidered vests, monocles, walking canes and top hats, but also rusty clocks, brass bells, copper-plated pipes, steamships and even bulbs. Steampunk, unlike most other gothic aesthetic preferences, can really be applied to nearly anything instead of just clothes - except, amusingly enough, to music, unless it's strictly tied to the historical period of 19th and early 20th centuries which, I've noticed, seldom is the case with goths. And seeing how goth in itself really originates and still stands for a style that is very closely related to a certain type of music, it's even more bizarre how goths in particular (some goths, that is) seem to have taken a fancy of steampunk aesthetics in the first place.

Lip Service is one huge brand when it comes to alternative fashion, and they tend to cover a lot of gothic styles from rivethead to lolita to, apparently, steampunk. This piece is, again, not for everyone, as the garment appears to have a strong requirement of boob action in the front in order for it to function as designed, but it's very much steampunk-y, and the details are beautiful, and the back is gorgeous. And wearing a huge ruffle in the front of the shirt that you'd have under the vest might work as well, eliminating any prerequisites of biological nature.

Sadly this vest (like all the other items that match it, listed behind the link) appears to be made of real leather, which is why I advise you not to get it here. If only they made it in faux, now, that would be a different matter altogether.

(Edit: If you really do want this (still not advised), it's available for a little bit lower price at Voodoo Dolly. Just so you know.)


  1. Actually, there is a lot of steampunk music..or rather, bands that call themselves steampunk...they attire themselves in the fashion and often use instruments which have been steampunked well as add the style into their music. Some bands are The Extraordinary Contraptions and Abney Park. =]

  2. Indeed, yet one couldn't say that steampunk is by definition a music scene, but rather literary, or film. First came the visual style, and only after that came the bands. Emilie Autumn and Rasputina would fit into this category, too.