Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gothabilly? 'CONTESSA-57' High Heel Shoes at Arsenic Fashions

Whenever I see clothing bearing anything playing-card-related, for some reason I tend to think of either 'Emo' or 'Gothabilly' (or Alice in Wonderland, which is not only a fantastic book and a brilliant (and completely bonkers) animated motion picture, but also an upcoming live-action film by Tim Burton). If someone completely disagrees with my labeling , let us by all means discuss.

These shoes are extremely cute and look fairly comfortable - and, yet again, a nice example of versatile alternative wear, seeing as these could pass as both for evening and day. It really depends mostly on how formal your style is in general. I suspect that for an Emo Goth these would be evening wear, and for a Gothabilly, daily wear.

(Found them here.)

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  1. This could be easily worked into a Lolita coordinate :) Granted that your going to Alice themed meet-up or for Halloween. These would work well with an Alice-themed JSK or OP, like Alice's Chess print or Garden Alice print JSK's from Baby. Don't forget the blouse, bloomers & petticoat underneath that dress. Wear an Alice bow on your head, add some Alice-inspired jewelry, and maybe stripped OTK's or black and white checkered tights to complete the look. But that's just my opinion.