Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gothic Daily: 'Long Gothic Coat' by Necessary Evil at The Gothic Shop

To be trüe and gawthy and all that matters in this world, I decided to post about winter-wear on summer. That's because I'm a unique, beautiful snowflake.


The reason I'm posting this coat here now is that I've been hearing of the alarmingly increasing use of real fur in fashion, and wanted to voice my own opinion on such matters right now.

Fur is not for humans to wear. The use of fur equals animals living all their lives in imprisonment, suffering from various diseases, malnutrition from poor feeding, and eventually, the most painful death imaginable. Some countries have already banned the fur industry altogether, such as the UK, and together we can all globally work towards a world where animals are allowed to wear their own skins. For more information, please visit furisdead.com/ or similar. Here's also a related Daily Mail story (it's two years old, but it carries a warning about authenticity).

So. The point here is: this coat looks very warm and comfy and gothic, and the trimming on it is faux fur. Faux is French for "fake". And fake is good. Just remember to be very careful about it, like the DM article reminds us.

Get the coat here. (The Gothic Shop)

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