Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gothic Lolita: 'Vivienne' Skirt by Delirium

Apologies for the small pictures - not my fault. If there is one thing that irritates me constantly then this is it. Using too small pictures in a web store, especially one selling clothing, is not only annoying but also bad for business.

Putting that aside, I approve of this layered skirt and consider a skirt like this an essential item for any gosurori's closet. What's more, it's not as frilly as these things very often are and could therefore suit a traditional-but-slightly-frilly goth as well.

The only downside I'm seeing here is that this piece is fairly expensive and the crinoline isn't even included. Then again - if you are a lolita, you should already know that your clothes never come cheap or even affordable (and you need only have one or two crinolines, anyway). Of the lolitas that I'm even remotely acquainted with, nearly all sew for themselves. Sigh.

(get it here.)


  1. Yeah, I like this one. Simple as it may e it's still cute. That with a nice corset, mmm, yes I could see it working (on me). ^_^

  2. I was definitely picturing it worn with a waist corset the moment I saw it, yeah.