Friday, June 19, 2009

Gothabilly/Fetish: 'Duvessa' PVC Dress at Realm of Darkness

PVC is a demanding material that requires skill from the craftsperson and a gorgeous figure from whoever is wearing the piece. Also, it's often fairly costly, and requires diligent maintenance. But when it comes to gaining the immediate attention of any viewer (the only faster and more certain way, I believe, would be presenting yourself in the nude), there is nothing like it.

The back of this dress is stunningly elegant. As I surely have said before, I'm not a fan of the heart-shaped neckline and especially not when it looks like underwear, but here it's tolerable, and what is happening at the hem is the only proper way to combine anything remotely tulle-like with PVC. Overall the cut of the dress is somewhat retro-inspired, which is what is very much in (at the moment) in mainstream fashion.

(get it here.)

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  1. I bought one for the 2012 Red Dress Run in Washington DC.