Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mainstream Meets Alternative: Sandals by Phi

Saw these at a today's The Fashion Police entry and immediately thought I should comment on them, given that, as TFP states, they are undeniably fairly... metal, for the lack of a better word.

I like the concept of the shoe, and the black-and white heel is pretty neat. I see of no reason, however, as to why there would absolutely have to be a chunk of actual metal on the toes - or rather, I do think the shoe would look off balance were the toes just open and that's it, but the chunk of metal could have found more elegant a shape, eh? Just removing the hoop would be an improvement, I think. Then again, they certainly are interesting to look at as they are now, which is good.

It's a Label with capital L, meaning that they're also Expensive. But if you want them, get them here.

Edit: As one observant reader kindly pointed out, the heel has a metal coating, too, and the black-and-white effect is a reflection. Thank you.


  1. I actually like these, metal is great on me (or so I believe).
    Only one problem...heels, way too much heel. Seeing as I'm too tall for my own liking as it is these would never work for me.

    So lovely but yet something I could never wear. *sigh*

  2. I think the heel is also made of metal, but the reflections make it look b&w.