Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fail: 'Fishnet Dress w/ G String' at Cryoflesh

I try and try and still cannot for the life of me comprehend why anyone would want to wear this... thing. Trying too hard to appear sexy falls flat ever so easily, and fishnet is, sadly, often the weapon of choice.

Also: How To Instantly Tell The Online Store You Are Browsing Is Located In USA - voilà! I can never decide whether the nipple-airbrushing phenomenon is more hilarious, annoying or just pathetic.

(Do not buy this monstrosity here.)


  1. It's quite simply pathetic, nothing else. Why aren't they afraid of all nipples?!?

  2. Have you guys never heard of fetishwear... ?

  3. Which fetish would this serve, then? The Badly Airbrushed Nipples fetish, or the Ugly Cheap-Looking Fishnet Crap fetish?

  4. The only purpose a garment like this could have is being torn up and being worn as a layer of fishnet in amongst a layered torn things type of deathrocker look, perhaps under a cropped top of some kin, but with loads of holes ripped through it... Something that would go into this kind of outfit: Other than that, it is entirely terrible. It's like cheap fishnet hold-ups - only good once they're ruined. Except this is far more hideous than cheap fishnet hold-ups.