Monday, May 11, 2009

Fail: 'Evening Goddess' Set by Forplay at Beatdropscloset

It is always interesting to read whatever they have written about a piece I happen to find particularly ghastly or disturbing or just plain ugly. This one states as follows.

Put this sexy outfit on and you will be the uncontested Evening Goddess... hands down! The sexy boy shorts brought together with a silky fishnet tube dress and bandeau top will ensure that all eyes will be on you.

Boy shorts in general are pretty hot, but apart from that I can only agree with the final statement of the description, as, indeed, I find it hard to even try and imagine what else there could possibly be that would rob anyone's attention from this... thing. And even if you happen to be really lucky and possess a body that could work stuff like these, a word of advice: don't. As they say in the Fashion Police: if it has to say 'sexy', it isn't. With a garment mainly consisting of a fishnet tube, I dare claim that as granted.

(I promised to link to sources and so I shall; this one I found at - but I beg of you, do not, rept. do not get it here.)


  1. Now I like fishnet as you know, but this is honestly not a good way to use it...bloody horrible. >_<

  2. Oh gods, I don't think this could even be rescued with a pair of scissors to form some kind of deathrocker thing with... it's just... Ack.

  3. Could be used in a deathrocker outfit if: a) it comes in black b) it's used as part of a layered look. Wear a proper black, plain skirt underneath it instead of boy-shorts, lots of layered tights including a matching fence-net (that's far too wide to be fishnet) and with a short, wrecked-looking crop top over the bust, and some kind of death-rocker waistcoat over that, and big boots. On its own, and in white, that set is HIDEOUS.